User Requirements

  • Windows .NET Framework 4.0
Although the best user experience is based on Windows 7 and Windows Vista "Transparent Glass" feature. But even if you do not have this feature, or you don't have them on, you still can benefit from some of the features that this application provides like easy copy and paste feature.

User Manual

Known Commands
Known commands are NOT case-sensitive:
  • cls : clears the box
  • exit : closes the application
  • min : minimizes the app to the taskbar
  • max : maximizes the app to full screen
  • normal: normalizes the app to original state
  • <up>-key : pressing up key will scroll up through the command history
  • <down>-key: pressing down key will scroll down through the command history
  • <Shift>+<MouseScroll> change the opacity of the window
  • <Ctrl>+<MouseScroll> change the size of the window content (Zoom in or out)
  • <Ctrl>+<MouseDrag> move the window on your desktop

Command History
The commands will be saved as an xml file into the running folder. There is a limit of 50 commands to be saved.
The arrow keys up and down will scroll among them.

Development Requirements

  • Visual Studio 2010 using TFS to connect to source repository

Coming soon

  • Shortcut to open Visual Studio Commandline

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