Interesting idea, but not for me.

May 28, 2011 at 3:31 PM

I know this is rather negative, but I thought I would give you some reasons why this project doesn't work for me. (About a week or one/off testing)

You say 'I realize that there is no week passed by without me opening the DOS box!', I would go further and say I use it every day at work. 

I do like the ability to resize the screen easily. It certainly looks a look better than the standard cmd, (but then I care more about functionality than looks.)

So, in order to use a replacement for cmd, it has to work good enough that I can use it without thinking and especially without thinking 'will this command work or do I need the original'. And once I started having to open cmd to run various commands, I think, why not use it all the time.

And unfortunately since you are passing the command to a hidden copy of cmd, you lose too much control.

The first thing you lose is the abiltity to stop a command. For example, if you type dir c: /s , you have to wait until the command finishes (or kill your session)

Another command that can't be stopped is ping -t This requires you to kill your session, but leaves the hidden cmd and the ping running in a background.

The second thing you loss is the ability to interact with a command. For example, dir /p will not pause (and if it did pause, you might not be able to un-pause it).

Here are a few examples of commands which didn't work and made me run cmd :

Type xxx.log | more



net use \\server\share  (It asked for a username and password)

unzip (It was waiting for me to answer a question (which I did not see) about overwritting an existing file)


Sorry if this sounds negative.